Don Woolley

Don is very proud to have been involved with G & S for over 40 years! He was a member of two societies in Shropshire before moving to Devon in 1976. He sought and joined this society within a week of arriving. He has sung most of the principal bass roles. As well as indulging his first love, Don has found time to fit in musicals including Annie Get Your Gun, South Pacific, Oklahoma and Fiddler on the Roof. Don has done almost everything and says that we will have to carry him off the stage if we want him to stop, which of course we don’t!


Sir Roderic Murgatroyd - Ruddigore 1977

Dr Tannhauser - The Grand Duke 1978

Sergeant of Police - The Pirates of Penzance 1979

The Mikado of Japan - The Mikado 1981

Notary - The Sorcerer 1982

Private Willis - Iolanthe 1983

Usher - Trial By Jury 1986

Dick Deadeye - HMS Pinafore 1986

King Hildebrand - Princess Ida 1987

Pooh-Bah - The Mikado 1988

Richard - The Pirates of Penzance 1989

Wilfred Shadbolt - The Yeomen of the Guard 1991

Private Willis - Iolanthe 1992

Don Alhambra del Bolero - The Gondoliers 1994

Sir Roderic Murgatroyd - Ruddigore 1995

The Mikado of Japan - The Mikado 1996

King Hildebrand - Princess Ida 1999

The Pirate King - The Pirates of Penzance 2000

Earl of Mountarat - Iolanthe 2002

Usher - Trial By Jury 2003

The Mikado of Japan - The Mikado 2004

Bob Becket - HMS Pinafore 2006

Magistrate - The Pirates of Penzance 2008