Princess Ida

Little Theatre, Torquay, 2nd - 6th July 2013

For the show we slightly rearranged the running order of some of the songs and dialogue to give 2 Acts of 2 scenes each with the interval in the middle, thus making for, what we considered to be, a more balanced show.    So that the first half could end with a rousing number the song For a Month to Dwell was rewritten with suitable words into This Thing Called Man!   There was no significant time gap between the first two scenes as For a Month to Dwell was sung in front of the tabs thus allowing time for the set change.  However we needed a three minute gap in the second half between scenes  to allow for costume changes and during that time the orchestra played the overture.  Overall we thought the change worked very well and we had no complaints from G&S purists.  The second half was, however, slightly longer than the first by 10 minutes.

Act 1

Scene 1

Search throughout the Panorama

Now Hearken to my strict command

Today we meet/Ida was a twelve-month old

From the Distant Panorama

We are (Warriors) Three         

If you give me your attention

P’raps if you address the Lady

Expressive glances     

For a month to dwell

Scene 2

Come Mighty Must

Towards the empyrean heights          

Mighty Maiden with a Mission

Oh! goddess wise (Minerva)

And thus to empyrean heights

A Lady Fair, of lineage high

This thing called Man


Act 2

Scene 1

Gently, gently

I am a maiden, cold and stately

The world is but a broken toy

The woman of the wisest wit 

Now wouldn't you like to rule the roast

Merrily ring the luncheon bell

Would you know the kind of maid

Oh, joy! our chief is saved     

Madam without the Castle Walls (Scene Finale)

Scene 2

Death to the Invader

I built upon a rock

Whene'er I spoke sarcastic joke

When anger spreads his wing

(This helmet I suppose)          

With joy abiding