Sing A Song O' Scrooge

Palace Theatre, Paignton, 11th - 14th December 2019

Sing a Song o’ Scrooge was the first non-Gilbert & Sullivan show to be performed by The Society. Much of the music was familiar to G&S devotees as all of the songs, including one carol, were written by Sir Arthur Sullivan.

Towards the end of 2018, the committee decided to put on a Christmas Show for the following year, in place of our usual autumn and Christmas concerts. We looked at staging another G&S adaptation of A Christmas Carol, however we did not believe it would be suitable for our Society and therefore decided to write our own version, which we entitled 'Sing A Song O’ Scrooge.'

We agreed that we would stick fairly closely to Dickens’ original story and did not want any of the songs to sound contrived; in other words, we wanted the audience to believe that the music was written for the libretto - as in the original operas - and not the other way around. Of course, with thirteen operas of Sullivan’s wonderful music and Gilbert’s interesting metres to work with, there was plenty of material from which to reflect the range of moods required to adapt this classic story, written by one of our greatest wordsmiths.

The project was completed in under a year, and in many ways rewriting the songs was the easy part; asking the company to learn new words to songs they had been singing for years proved no easy challenge! Whilst writing the songs I kept asking myself whether Messrs Gilbert, Sullivan and Dickens would have approved of our efforts. Of course, we would never know that, and could only hope the audiences would!

Nigel Hickman, Director.

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Original Story and Dialogue by Charles Dickens
Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan
Original lyrics by W.S. Gilbert
Adaptation and Revised Lyrics by Nigel HIckman

Director -
Nigel Hickman
Deputy Director - Michelle Middleditch
Musical DIrector -
Jonathan Waterworth
Deputy Musical Director - Sheena Strachan
Choreographer - Elaine Gard