Sing A Song O' Scrooge

Palace Theatre, Paignton, 11th - 14th December 2019

Cast & Characters (in order of appearance)

Narrator - Richard Bearne
Bob Crachit (Scrooge's hard working clerk) - Andrew Prowse
Ebenezer Scrooge (a miserly skinflint) - Peter Hughes
Fred Calverley (Scrooge's nephew) - Chris Harvey
Charity Dogood (a charity worker) - Daphne Lockett
Mercy Dogood (her sister) - Beth Andrews-Dawson
Ghost of Jacob Marley (Scrooge's former associate) - John Miles
Ghost of Christmas Past (a kindly, well-meaning spirit) - Hazel Wood
Fan (Scrooge's younger sister) - Fee White
Housekeeper (to Scrooge's school) - Shona Treharne
Fezziwig (Scrooge's former employer) - Allan Winter
Belle (Scrooge's former fiancee) - Jenny Abbott
Ghost of Christmas Present (a jolly, well-meaning spirit) - Julia Hale
Grocer (in a local market) - Judith Mills
Publican (in a local market) - John Miles
Peter Crachit (Bob's eldest son) - William Robinson
Belinda Crachit (Bob's youngest daughter) - Harriet Robinson
Tiny Tim Crachit (Bob's youngest, sickly, son) - Tom Robinson
Mrs Crachit (Bob's wife) - Anne George
Ghost of Christmas Future (a rather sinister spirit) - Alex Garside
Phyllis (a local gossip) - Pat Harding
Margaret (another local gossip) - Marcia Lancelott
Angela (yet another local gossip) - Annie Dayment
Bob Becket (a former colleague of Scrooge) - Chris Harvey
Bill Daly (another former colleague of Scrooge) - Colin Lancelott
Joe (a handler of stolen goods) - Mick Peacock
Mrs Broom (Scrooge's cleaner) - Anne Jordan
Undertaker - Mike Cullen
Mrs White (a laundress) - Alison Bairstow
Caroline Fairfax (wife of Scrooge's debtor) - Shona Treharne
Roger Fairfax (a debtor to Scrooge) - Jonathan Waterworth
Martha Crachit (Bob's eldest daughter) - Jenny Abbott
Judith Chatter (a local know-it-all) - Judith Mills