Sing A Song O' Scrooge

Palace Theatre, Paignton, 11th - 14th December 2019

Songs and Sources


It is Christmas Eve once more
HMS Pinafore - We sail the ocean Blue

My Name is Bob Crachit
The Yeomen of the Guard - Oh, a Private Buffoon

Merry Christmas Uncle, to you
The Sorcerer - Welcome joy

Mr Scrooge, we ask you
Patience - Prithee pretty maiden

While shepherds watched their flocks by night

When on this earth, mankind must know
Iolanthe - When all night long

Phantoms of our doom are we
Ruddigore - Painted emblems of a race

Two whole weeks with no more teaching
Trial By Jury - Hark the hour of ten is sounding

For Christmas all the boys had long departed
The Sorcerer - Time was when love and I

Brother I did not forsake you
Iolanthe - If we're weak enough to tarry

And well that is all the work we'll do today
The Mikado - There is beauty in the bellow of the blast

Go, leave me here to pine
The Pirates of Penzance - Ah, leave me not

O Ebenezer you're a troubled man
Patience - I hear the soft note


On this lovely Christmas Morning
The Pirates of Penzance - Pour, oh pour the pirate sherry

Our father's known as good old Bob
The Gondoliers - In enterprise of martial kind

Now Bob I pray you carve
HMS Pinafore - Fair Moon to thee I sing

My family let us drink the health
Princess Ida - Now wouldn't you like to rule the roost

Old Scrooge he is the kind of man
Iolanthe - With Strephon for your foe no doubt

O there's still more to show you
Utopia Limited - O make way for the wise men

Give you a thought or show some care
The Yeomen of the Guard - The prisoner comes

He's dead so I heard someone say
Ruddigore - Oh why am I moody and sad

As you may tell, we've come to sell
HMS Pinafore - This very night
The Yeoman of the Guard - Like a ghost his vigil keeping

I see by your expression that the news is grim
Ruddigore - There grew a little flower

Grevious the loss of one so young
HMS Pinafore - Sorry her lot

Spirit! Good spirit thank thee
Iolanthe - My lord, a suppliant at your feet

I'm in a frightful daze
The Mikado - Here's a how de do!

You ladies are so good
Patience - When I go out of doors

Why Uncle Scrooge what a surprise
The Grand Duke - Take my advice when deep in debt

For the merriest fellow is he
The Gondoliers - For the merriest fellows are we

It is Christmas Time once more
HMS Pinafore - We sail the ocean blue

The Gondoliers - I stole the prince and I brought him here
The Mikado - On a tree by a river (Tit Willow)
The Pirates of Penzance - When Frederick was a little lad
Trial By Jury - With a sense of deep emotion