Patience - NODA Review

As an appreciation society, Torbay G&S have full realisation that this means presenting ALL the G&S Operettas at some time or another, even if the box office potential might be questionable. Patience is not oft performed, which is a shame, and the company were wise enough to realise that in its usual form, is not fully suitable for them. Torbay G&S would be the first to admit that the age range of their cast members is, shall we say, on the more mature side.

Therefore Nigel elected to stage the show in a way that played to the groups strengths, and the end result was very successful and also very amusing. Castle Bunthorne became a modern day health farm, and the 20 love sick maidens became the ladies on their health cures. The Dragoon Guards were all well bred country gents who turn the eyes of the health farm ladies. This worked very well indeed.

The show was well cast and there was no weak links in the casting. It was nice to see Andrew Pryce back on stage as Archibald Grosvenor. He played the role as a pompous very vain character, and with an array of glittering and flashy “bad taste” costumes, managed to get every laugh he could. The orchestra was located at the rear of the stage, and this arrangement worked very well. Shona Treharn (Patience) is, for me, always worth the ticket price alone, and she was well supported by the other principals.

Everyone I know who supported the show, were in total agreement, that this was one of the most successful Torbay G&S stagings of recent years. Bravo for trying something new and not being afraid to offend the purists.