HMS Pinafore

Palace Avenue Theatre, Paignton, 7th - 11th July 1998


Sir Joseph Porter K.C.B - John Miles
Captain Corcoran - Geoff Jordan
Ralph Rackstraw - Chris Robson
Dick Deadeye - Colin Gilderthorp
Bill Bobstay - Clive Peirce
Bob Becket - Gareth Poore
Josephine - Anne George
Cousin Hebe - Gill Poore
Little Buttercup - Ann Partridge

Sir Joseph’s Sisters, Cousins and Aunts and Ship’s Company of H.M.S.Pinafore
Harold Copping, Elaine Gard, John Godwin, Sarah Ham, Nigel Hickman, Olwen Hough, Jane Mackay, Suzy Miles, Jean Miller, Michael Mingo, Sydney Nuttall, Vera Nuttall, Eileeen Oversby Powell, Sue Rees, Paul Rousell, Cyril Tanner, Jack Towey, Wendy Wilson.

Director/Narrator/Musical Director - Anthony Dixon-Constantine