Palace Avenue Theatre, Paignton, 22nd - 26th October 2002

Anne George as Iolanthe & Nigel Hickman as The Lord ChancellorAlan Bairstow as Private WillisDon Woolley as The Earl of MountaratHelen Smith as The Queen of the Fairies and Nigel HickmanThe Chorus of PeersLisa-Marie Taylor as Phyllis and Chris Harvey as StrephonThe Chorus of FairiesReview - Herald Express, 25th October 2002Iolanthe 2002 - Programme Cover


The Lord Chancellor - Nigel Hickman
Earl of MountaratDon Woolley
Earl TollollerSteve Salmon
Private WillisAlan Bairstow
StrephonChris Harvey
Queen of the FairiesHelen Smith
IolantheAnne George
CellaWendy Wilson
LeilaGill Poore
FletaShona Treharne
Phyllis Lisa-Maria Taylor

Chorus of Peers
Dick Cogdell, John, Godwin, Bob Harison, Andy Killen, Mike Mingo, Robert Skinner,
Chris Robson, Alan Bairstow

Chorus of Fairies
Shirley Hurdle, Cath Plumridge, Jane Mackay, Ann Cutler, Alison Bairstow

Off Stage Chorus
Cyril Tanner, John Miles, Sydney Nuttall, Vera Nuttall, Daphne Lockett, Andrew Bell, Gareth Poore

Director - Kevin Scarbrough
Director’s Assistant - Ann Partridge
Choreographer - Josie Smith
Musical Director - Carl Smith
Assistant Musical Director - Sydney Nuttall