The Pirates of Penzance

Collaton Fishacre Garden, Paignton, 7th - 9th September 1989


Major General Stanley - Sydney Nuttall
Richard (a Pirate Chief) - Don Woolley
Frederic - Lawrence Gee
Samual - John Richardson
Edward (Sergeant of Police) - Dewi Reynolds
Mabel - Michelle Harfield
Edith - Alison Cope
Kate - Ann Partridge
Isabel - Val Phillips
Ruth - Jean Harvey

Chorus of Pirates, Police and Major-General Stanley's Daughters

Hilda Beeeston, Audrey Bowden, Anna Cowling, Anne Dayment, Catherine Dunlop, Sian Gill, Eileen Gilmore, Barbara Hall, Sue Hart, Pat Hill, Heather Kee, Daphne St.Clair-Miller, Sue Latimer, Sylvia Morden, Georgina Parker, Catherine Plumridge, Monica Povey, Brenda Roberts, Jane Talbot, Shona Treharne, Shaun Avis, Alan Bairstow, John Gough, Philip Graves, Eric Silley, Mark Spry, Cyril Tanner, Gareth Weston, Val Arnold, Daphne St. Clair Miller.

Production Staff

Musical Director - Steve Owens
Producer - Mike Aldridge
Director - Peter Grafton